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Kwa Kunje Cultural Village


Kwakunje! meaning “it was like this” is a living monument to the Zulu culture that reflects the roots of traditional village culture, and places it in context with the 21st century. Kwakunje Cultural Village is inhabited by Zulu’s who act as guides and cultural interpreters.

At Kwakunje, a taste of the culture is presented as visitors move from hut to hut, viewing exhibits and taking time to sit on animal skins in the cool, circular thatched structures while local guides and storytellers describe the importance of customs, crafts, and heritage within the Zulu culture.

Tours and interactive presentations can be structured to suit individuals or tour groups. Sitting within the village and eating a traditional meal prepared especially within the “kitchen hut” is a highlight that is there for the asking.

Kwakunje, no matter what your background, will leave you with an understanding of what is meant when people say, “It was like this,” and why the fiercely proud and independent people, the Zulu’s-which means the people of heaven - are proud of their heritage.

Kwakunje, quite simply, is a small part of heaven.

Meals and dancing on arrangement with prior booking.

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